Rafah Attack Continuation of Genocidal war Against Palestinians

The Palestinian Resistance movement Hamas deems the Israeli massacre in Rafah a deliberate escalation in the genocidal war on the Palestinian people.

The Palestinian Resistance movement Hamas stressed that the “Nazi-like” Israeli occupation army attack on the city of Rafah is considered a continuation of the genocidal war against the Palestinian people.

In a statement commenting on the massacre that the Israeli occupation forces committed against the southern city, in which at least 100 Palestinians were martyred and several others were wounded, Hamas held the US administration and President Biden personally full responsibility along with the Israeli occupation government for this crime.

This massacre committed by “the terrorist Netanyahu government and its Nazi-like army” flies in the face of the urgent measures called for by the International Court of Justice (ICJ), including ceasing all activities amounting to genocide, the movement underlined.

It also deemed the attack on Rafah as a deliberate escalation in the genocidal war, which expands the scope of massacres against the Palestinian people.

Elsewhere, Hamas called on the League of Arab States, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, and the United Nations Security Council to take urgent and serious action to stop the Zionist aggression.

Earlier, our reporter said on Monday that Israeli occupation forces committed a major massacre in Rafah early this morning, with most of the victims being children and women.

Our correspondent said that Israeli occupation warplanes launched more than 50 airstrikes on Rafah, noting that the occupation forces used internationally prohibited incendiary missiles in its airstrikes.

According to the Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS), Israeli warplanes carried out a series of heavy airstrikes on various parts of southern Gaza, focusing on the center of Rafah.

The PRCS emphasized that the Israeli airstrikes targeted populated homes, warning that what happened signals a major catastrophe. It added that the number of martyrs is likely to increase due to missing victims under the rubble of the targeted homes.

The PRCS also mentioned that there is an insufficient number of ambulances for rescuing the wounded after the bloody night in Rafah.

Palestinian media reported that Israeli occupation forces targeted the al-Houda Mosque in the Yibna camp in Rafah, as well as the al-Rahma Mosque, where a large number of displaced Gazans were taking shelter.

Our correspondent mentioned that within one hour, Rafah turned into a war zone as it was subjected to dozens of Israeli airstrikes, adding that several martyrs and injuries have been transported to the Abu Yousef al-Najjar Hospital in the city, which has only about 30 beds and is unable to provide care for all the wounded.

In a related context, Hamas representative in Lebanon Ahmad Abdul Hadi told Al Mayadeen that the invasion of Rafah would prompt major reactions in the region and would escalate the war beyond what the United States desires.

About 1.4 million Palestinians have crowded into Rafah, with many living in tents while food, water and medicine are becoming increasingly scarce.

He indicated that Netanyahu’s threats regarding Rafah are, in part, aimed at “forcing the resistance compromise on its conditions.”

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