Russia Demands Apology from France for Racism Against Russian Journalists

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova today called on France to apologize for preventing Russian journalists from attending French President Emmanuel Macron’s press conference.

“The editor-in-chief of Russia News, Ekaterina Nadolskaya, was brazenly prevented from attending President Macron’s press conference at the G20 summit in New Delhi, and the French tried to break her phone, and the reason, as one of the employees of the French press service said directly, is her representation of the Russian media,” RT quoted Zakharova as saying.

Zakharova considered that “what happened is a blatant manifestation of racism and aggressive nationalism, and the incident is based on discrimination on the basis of nationality,” demanding at the same time “the Elysee Palace to apologize to the representatives of the media.”

Zakharova stressed that Russia will not ignore the fact that pseudo-Western democracies have once again shown an example of racial discrimination, violations of the basic principles of democracy, stressing that “the policy of disinformation and arrogance will eventually turn against its supporters.”

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