Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) thwarts a plot to carry out series of terrorist attacks in Moscow

Six criminals were neutralized, and two were taken into custody

Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) has prevented a series of terrorist attacks in Moscow, as well as in the Kabardino-Balkaria and Astrakhan Regions. Two terrorists were detained, and another six were eliminated, the FSB Public Relations Center told our reporters on Monday.

“The Federal Security Service has prevented a series of terrorist attacks planned in the summer of 2021 by members of clandestine cells of the banned international terrorist organization “the Islamic State” on Russian soil. Thanks to the operation, six criminals were neutralized, and two were taken into custody,” the center informed.

According to the FSB, two terrorist attacks were prevented in Moscow, and both suspects were detained. In the Astrakhan Region and Kabardino-Balkaria, six members of the terrorist organization were eliminated.

On July 3, five members of a religious extremist group put up armed resistance during an attempt to detain them in the Nalchik and Baksan districts of the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic. The group was planning to commit terrorist attacks with the use of guns and improvised explosive devices against members of the region’s Islamic clergy. The terrorists were eliminated. There were no casualties among civilians or officers of the law.

The FSB recapped that on June 29, a Russian national was apprehended in Moscow, who was plotting simultaneous attacks against the public with the use of firearms and knives with his co-conspirator in the Astrakhan Region. The latter was eliminated after armed resistance. “On July 1, in cooperation with the police, a member of an international terrorist organization, a Russian national, who was planning to detonate an improvised explosive in public places in Moscow, was detained,” the FSB said.

Law enforcement agents seized the explosive devices owned by the terrorists, automatic firearms and munitions, grenades, components used to prepare explosive devices, and extremist religious literature. The FSB informed that criminal proceedings were launched over plotting a terrorist attack, taking part in the activity of a terrorist organization and trafficking in guns, explosives and explosive devices. The names of the terrorists have not been disclosed.


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