Security Council urges end to hostilities in Ethiopia

U.N. Security Council on Friday expressed “deep concern” over the escalating conflict in Ethiopia and called for a ceasefire.

They also called for “the creation of conditions to launch an inclusive Ethiopian national dialogue to resolve the crisis.

The members of this body “call for an end to hostilities and the negotiation of a lasting ceasefire,” they said in a joint statement read to the press by Mexican Ambassador to the United Nations Juan Ramon. 

A public meeting of the council, scheduled for Friday, has been postponed to Monday.

In particular, they “expressed their deep concern about the extension and intensification of military clashes in northern Ethiopia”, as well as the “repercussions of the conflict on the humanitarian situation” and “the stability of the country and the entire region”. 

But the 15 member countries, which have struggled to agree on a common position, issued the statement at a time when, after a year of war, rebels are threatening to march on Addis Ababa.

The Security Council also reaffirmed its support for “the territorial integrity and unity of Ethiopia”.


Arab Observer

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