Spanish political party calls for exclusion of Israel

The left-wing Spanish political party Sumar has submitted a proposal to Congress that calls on the government to promote to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) the exclusion of Israel from the Paris Olympic Games this summer.

Sumar wants the government to urge the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to exclude Israel as a state from the next Olympic and Paralympic Games to be held this summer in Paris for its “massacre” against Palestine, as has already been done with Russia following the war against Ukraine.

Sumar Sports spokesperson, Nahuel González, stressed in a press conference that it is not admissible that there are “double standards” and, therefore, the ban that weighs on Russia to participate in the Olympics should also apply to Israel, according to him.

“This is a request that different states are making and we understand that if the International Olympic Committee excludes Russia from the Olympic Games, Israel must also be excluded for the duration of this massacre”underlined González.

As the spokesperson explained, this initiative is not against athletes, who can participate in the Games under a flag other than their own, as has happened before.

As a reminder, the IOC will allow Russian and Belarusian athletes to participate in the Paris Olympic Games under a neutral flag on the condition that they do not “actively” support the invasion of Ukraine, a decision which did not please the athletes Ukrainians.

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