Tunisia: accumulate the 109 signatures to withdraw confidence from the Brotherhood member Rached Ghannouchi

MP Mongi Rahoui that although a considerable number of MPs match on the necessity to withdraw confidence from Rached Ghannouchi, assembling the required signatures to achieve such a result is proving difficult, because of the political tensions within the parliament.

This is why the independent MPs chose to start a motion of censure against the house speaker of which they would be the authors. That way, all MPs will be capable to sign it without embarrassment, with the exception of those affiliated with Ennahdha and their allies, he revealed.

The idea that was not favorably received by MP Rached Khiari who believed that Mongi Rahoui had no right to speak on behalf of independent MPs.

PDL leader Abir Moussi called on deputies not to give in to influences. “Saving the parliament from Rached Ghannouchi is saving Tunisia,” she announced.

Remarking on the events that took place yesterday, Moussi extended her gratitude to all the MPs who supported her.

“No obstacle can stop us, we will always have our own means to show ourselves.

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