Tunisia: Wave of Big Support for PDL MPs Abir Moussi

Following the assault on PDL MPs Abir Moussi and Wissem Chaari, Machrouu Tounes party considered that the independent deputy (former Al Karama), Sahbi Smara, no longer has his place in Parliament, emphasizing that the latter need be “removed from office”.

The party called the attack a “cowardly and despicable act”, accentuating its categorical refusal of any kind of violence against women.

Political parties like Afek Tounes, Béni Watani and Machoû Tounes have issued statements of support, as has the parliamentary bloc of the National Reform. Members of Parliament also expressed their support for their colleague who was the victim of this heinous aggression.

Other national personalities like Bochra Bel Haj Hamida, Yosra Frawes, Mounir Charfi, Said Aïdi or even Saïda Garrach condemned what Abir Moussi had suffered by Sahbi Smara.

Machrouu Tounes said that such acts are meant to create a diversion to distract from what is especially important, namely the case of Judge Bechir Akremi (known to be close to the Ennahdha movement) who was in the process of being revealed to the general public and to the press.

Also Qalb Tounes condemned the violence against PDL MPs Abir Moussi and Sahbi Chaari by independent deputy Sahbi Smara.

Secon vice president of House of People’s Representatives Tarek Ftiti said the scene we saw in parliament yesterday was to be anticipated. 

The verbal violence slowly turned into physical assault and no measures were adopted to limit the violence and secure the safety of MPs within the parliament, Mr Ftiti told Tunisie Numérique,

Even if one day decisions are made in this respect, who is going to carry them out? he questioned, believing that neither the administration nor the police forces should be included in the problems of the deputies and warning against the outcomes of this kind of spectacle on the behaviour of the citizens.


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