Tunisian party calls for Ghannouchi to be held accountable for his ties to Turkey and the Libyan Brotherhood

A Tunisian party submitted a request to the Legislative Council to hold a public session to hold Parliament Speaker Rashid Ghannouchi on the contents of his hidden movements and vague and suspicious foreign contacts with Turkey and the Brotherhood in Libya, which are considered to violate the diplomatic norms of the Tunisian state.

The “Free Constitutional Party”, led by Abeer Moussa, said that the party had contacted parliament and requested the inclusion of an additional point in the parliament bureau’s agenda on Thursday, to deliberate on holding a public session to hold Ghannouchi accounted about concealing his communication with foreign parties outside diplomatic and parliamentary norms, and publishing false news on the page Council official regarding this communication.

The party added in a statement on Wednesday evening, Wednesday, that this comes as a result of the vague and contrary to the laws and diplomatic and parliamentary norms that Ghannouchi has made over the past few days, and to hide them from deputies and public opinion.

On Tuesday, Libyan media revealed that Ghannouchi had contacted Khaled al-Mashri, head of the Supreme Council of State and leader of the Justice and Construction Party, the political arm of the Libyan Brotherhood, and discussed the economic and health conditions in light of the effects of the Corona pandemic, and stressed the need to activate Maghreb institutions And the importance of deepening cooperation between them.

This comes days after a phone call collected by Ghannouchi with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, during which the Turkish presidency said they had discussed ways of cooperation between the two countries in combating the Corona virus, and discussion on bilateral relations and regional issues.

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