Turkey sold us old equipment’s, ACMARTD said: “What we have received are devices that are not respiratory and are not suitable for intensive care.”

In a number of Spanish media, there was an attack on Turkey’s medical breathing apparatus for Corona patients, and doctors ’complaints in the Castilla-La Mancha region were reported that breathing apparatus from Turkey was not suitable for intensive care, nor for long-term respiratory treatment, in addition to that Spanish buyers discovered It is old and poorly made, estimated to be thirty years old, according to a doctor.

The Spanish newspaper Booth Popoli stated that the 150 breathing apparatus, which the government of Castilla-La Mancha purchased to counter the long-awaited Corona virus, was a nightmare; after it was booked in Turkey, now anesthesiologists in the region now say this equipment is bad.

Restless days of waiting

The association admits that they have been deceived by the spread of this pandemic and told the Booth Popoli newspaper (as of today, the number of registered cases in Spain has reached 147 thousand cases of coronas and more than seven thousand critical cases that require intensive care), that Peru is the head of the anesthesiology and resuscitation department at the General University Hospital In the city of Albecete, despite the deception of the Turks, he was not willing to pour oil on the fire in a turbulent period in itself, after the anxious days of waiting that hospitals like the one he worked in or the cities of Almansa or Ayin in the same region lived, and after shifts “he did not wish for anyone” as he put it .

On April 8th, the president of Castilla-La Mancha province, Emiliano García-Baché and his health advisor, Jes vs Fernando Sant, went to Barajas Airport in Madrid to receive 150 breathing devices that had been purchased by the region’s government from Turkey more than 20 days earlier, and in astonishment to the world , The Turkish government decided to take it over although it was prepaid. Once the ban on purchases was lifted thanks to diplomatic intervention, the Turks sent out rotten goods! The ACMARTD Association condemned anesthesia, resuscitation and pain therapy (ACMARTD) in a statement saying: “What we have received are devices that are not respiratory and are not suitable for intensive care.”

The association also stated that due to the “massive shortage of support and respiratory treatment equipment” in intensive care, they were forced to use the respiratory equipment attached to the available anesthesia equipment and to adjust the mechanical ventilation equipment that was “arriving at our hospitals from public or private institutions, that is, they are transported anesthesia and breathing apparatus” In its entirety. ”

The doctor admits that the surprise was overwhelming when they saw these Turkish equipment that might have been replaced by an idle one by the Turkish authorities when they detained her at the airport.

The association explains in its harsh statement: “We are aware of the global nature of the epidemic, we can understand and accept the Turkish side’s refusal, but we see that it is not acceptable what we have been told.”

As anesthesiologists in Castilla-La Mancha point out, they put all their hopes on those breathing apparatus, especially during those difficult days, when many patients with critical conditions needed help, and even the bishops of the city of Albacete had contacted a supplier to buy two respirators (worth 38 One thousand euros each) They are due to arrive on April 20.

Last Friday, after medical supplies arrived in Spain, Castilla La Mancha’s health advisor, Jesus Fernandez Santhe, defended the respirators that the regional government bought, saying: “Just a week ago, we almost killed ourselves to get a respirator like these and these features to refresh Critical patients. “

Castilla-La Mancha adopts equipment

Today, the Booth Popoli newspaper, the members of the Castilla-La Mancha district health department, clarify that the equipment is distributed according to the needs expressed by each hospital, and they add that the respirators they bought from Turkey are “certified and certified in accordance with the customs regulations of the European Union”.


They added that at the beginning of the crisis, the Health Directorate financially approved the purchase of 70 breathing apparatus “such as we usually buy for critical situations from the usual supplier, which is a multinational company, but this deal has been disrupted because the company has been unable to obtain the required components since the United States closed the export of essential materials To manufacture it. ”

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