Unveiling of the “Safe Havens for Muslim Brotherhood” plan Outside Turkey

Imad Abu Hashem, a member of the “Judges for Egypt” movement, which was loyal to the Brotherhood, revealed, in exclusive statements to “Sky News Arabia”, a part of the plan of the terrorist organization leaders in Turkey after the recent developments in the region that began with the Gulf reconciliation and up to Turkey’s efforts. For rapprochement with some countries in the region.

Abu Hashem confirmed that the leaders of the organization inside Turkey have been thinking about this direction for some time, because they have been aware of many changes that the region will witness in advance, and Turkey will be at the heart of it.

Counselor Imad Abu Hashem, who returned from Turkey voluntarily in 2019, said that the leaders of the group have begun preparing to flee from Turkey to abroad, provided that their forced destination is to Britain or Canada, considering the two countries as safe havens for them.

The advisor, returning from Turkey recently, believes that the rapprochement policy that Turkey recently resorted to will change the language of its political system’s rhetoric, as well as change the trends of the media that broadcast from Turkey, run by Muslim Brotherhood leaders in Turkey, especially towards Arab countries.

The advisor, who has retreated from his position on supporting the Brotherhood, believes that the alternative organization plan for the presence of its members in Turkey requires quick movement and moving to Britain or Canada in particular, as safe havens.

He confirms that “the interests between Turkey and the international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood are much greater than what appears on the scene, and the group is actively exploiting this to achieve its interests and Ankara effectively.”

The presence of my brothers in Canada

In his book “Lovers of Death”, the Egyptian writer and researcher Saeed Shuaib mentioned that the Brotherhood and its representatives are clearly present in Canadian society and they are not only in the Middle East, Europe and South Asia, but rather they are among the more vocal groups, and their impact is clearly visible in the Islamic schools located there.

Shuaib estimated the number of Brotherhood-affiliated groups in Canada at “8 groups,” the most famous of which is the “Muslim” Foundation, the National Council of Canadian Muslims, Islamic Relief in Canada and the International Fund for the Afflicted in Relief and Need, in addition to other, lesser-known groups, namely the Liberation Party and Khomeini. Affiliated with the Brotherhood, and both are Salafists with takfiri leanings

Paper “refugees”

For his part, a researcher in the affairs of Islamic groups, Amr Farq, told “Sky News Arabia” that the Brotherhood had a great expansion plan, by spreading its members in more than one country in East Asia and southern Europe a year ago, and they are expanding significantly in countries Like Sweden, Norway and Malaysia, as well as Canada.

He pointed out that the Brotherhood is exploiting the margin of freedoms that these countries offer to its citizens and residents in order to increase their influence, especially since the Brotherhood succeeds in exploiting the internal conditions of countries for their benefit, and they are aware that Turkey will not be a safe haven for them all the time.


Farouk noted that Egyptian members of the group have worked institutionally for years to spread in countries of the world, not only Europe and East Asia, and their presence extended to the countries of the Horn and the African coast, especially since they had a long history since the time of the late President Gamal Abdel Nasser, in establishing platforms for them. In more than Arab and African countries.

He added, “Since the Brotherhood’s departure from Egypt, they have been seeking to obtain rights for them as refugees in Europe in particular, or to obtain the nationalities of those countries to ensure their continued safe presence abroad.”


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