What is the Goal of Gaza Ground Invasion? ‘Israel’ Does not Know

The Israeli occupation does not seem to know why it wants to go into Gaza as the military and political leaderships seem to have diverging opinions on the ground invasion.

The Israeli Israel Hayom newspaper has brought to light a growing discord within the Israeli occupation, as conflicting objectives emerge at both military and political levels concerning a possible ground invasion of Gaza.

Cohen highlights the contrasting stances taken by different factions within the Israeli government. On one hand, the cabinet maintains that the primary objective of any ground invasion would be to weaken Hamas, targeting its military capabilities and influence.

In a report penned by political analyst Sherit Avitan Cohen, the Israeli leadership appears divided on the primary goals behind a potential ground invasion of Gaza. Cohen’s insights shed light on the internal debate that has become increasingly pronounced in recent days.

However, the Israeli occupation forces and their spokespersons hold a divergent view. They articulate a more concise and aggressive goal: the defeat of Hamas and the elimination of all individuals involved in Operation Al-Aqsa Flood.

Cohen went on to emphasize that this disagreement reveals significant discrepancies between the occupation’s military and political leadership regarding the desired outcomes of a potential onslaught in the Gaza Strip. The contrasting perspectives indicate a lack of consensus and unity in defining the objectives and targets of such an operation.

Israeli media reports indicated that the Israeli War Cabinet had greenlit a ground invasion into the Gaza Strip.

However, media reports indicate that the government’s members do not agree on the depth of the invasion of the Gaza Strip.

Former Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, has said that “everything you can imagine and worse” awaits the Israeli forces in Gaza. He added that a ground invasion into Gaza would not be “simple”.

Furthermore, a recent report by Bloomberg shows that the Biden administration is worried that “Israel” is shortsightedly fixated on invading Gaza and has no robust plan that would grant it a sustainable solution.

While the US has pledged unconditional support for “Israel” in its aggression against Gaza, it is concerned about the possible repercussions of the ground invasion, the report explains, listing a set of concerns: 

  • The conflict could snowball into a regional war that would involve other parties, such as the Lebanese Resistance Hezbollah.
  • The humanitarian toll on Palestinian civilians could subject “Israel” and the US to increased international pressure.
  • Exacerbation of the struggle and increased Palestinian casualties could place normalization deals with Arab governments at risk.
  • The fate of the captives, which “Israel” seems to have decided to sacrifice as “collateral damage” in its war against Gaza.
  • “Israel” has no prospective plan for Gaza beyond their determination to destroy Hamas. 

Meanwhile, Hamas’ al-Qassam Brigades released a video warning Israeli occupation forces (IOF) against invading the Gaza Strip.

The video titled, “This is what awaits you when you enter Gaza,” is a stern warning to the IOF as the Brigades put on display some of their defensive tactics and capabilities in case “Israel” decides to proceed with a ground invasion against Gaza.

In the released footage, fighters exit a camouflaged hatchway, which most probably leads in and out of the Resistance’s extensive tunnel structure.

The several fighters carrying Rocket Propelled Grenade launchers loaded with 105mm tandem charges fire toward mock-up tanks. Another group of fighters carrying assault rifles climb towards the tank’s door pulling out its crew while another group provides cover fire.

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