Why Qatar hides its meeting with the chief White House advisor before the American peace plan was announced?

Arab Observer knew from special sources that the Qatari ambassador Sheikh Mishaal bin Hamad Al Thani and his deputy attended meetings that preceded the announcement of the American peace plan with the approval of the Emiri Diwan in Doha.


The sources confirmed that the Qatari ambassador and his deputy participated in putting the final touches on the proposed American plan for peace between the Palestinians and Israelis, pointing out that they attended the second meeting on the century deal which was held by the senior White House adviser Jared Kushner on January 29th at the State Department headquarters, a day after The announcement of the American peace plan, which is the opposite of what Qatar is promoting through the media.


The Qatari ambassador’s attendance at the meetings confirms Doha’s approval on “the deal of the century”, which it tried to hide by not attending the official announcement of the deal last Tuesday.


US President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced at the White House on Tuesday the terms and details of the US “peace plan” in the Middle East of what is known with “Deal of the Century”.


To distract attention from its position in supporting the plan, Doha directed its media hands to attack Arab countries that participated in the conference of announcing “Deal of the Century“ and those countries are Oman, Bahrain and the UAE.


On the other hand, Doha did not issue anything that reflects its rejection of the American plan, as the Foreign Ministry issued unclear statement doesn’t show their situation on the “Deal of the century”.


The statement welcomed all efforts aimed at achieving peace in the occupied Palestinian territories.


Doha appreciated the efforts of the current US administration for finding solutions to the Palestinian issue and the Arab-Israeli conflict, as long as this was within the framework of international legitimacy and relevant United Nations resolutions.


Observers says that Qatar was one of the first Arab countries to open channels of communication with Israel openly and provocative to Arabs and Palestinians, has been trying for years make  Arab public opinion believe that they are against Tel Aviv by focusing its channels and media platforms on publishing media content that touches Palestinians emptions, while continuing to receive officials And Israeli athletes.


Although the agreements imposed on countries such as Egypt and Jordan, the exchange ambassadors and the establishment of relations with Israel, those relations remained at a low level and met with great popular rejection, while Doha established ties with Israel to include almost all sectors, especially sports, the last of which was to receive a sports delegation at the end of the last September.


At the time, the Islamic Resistance Movement, “Hamas”, which is close to Qatar, expressed its regret for hosting “Doha” an Israeli sports delegation, as part of the World Athletics Championships, which was held in Doha.


And the account of “Israel in Arabic” of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs revealed last November on his Twitter page that an Israeli medical delegation visited Doha to participate in the International Conference on Pediatric Surgery, noting that the delegation included nine Israeli doctors, and was headed by the head of the pediatric surgery department at Rambam Hospital in Haifa Ran Steinberg.


Qatar is taking advantage of the boycott imposed on it by Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt, which led it to further consolidate its relationship with Iran to insert itself into the so-called axis of resistance.

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