Yemen Carries Out Three Operations in Red, Arabian Seas

The Yemeni Armed Forces carried out numerous operations against ships violating the ban prohibiting the entry of ships into occupied Palestinian ports.

The Yemeni Armed Forces declared Sunday the successful execution of three military operations targeting US and allied ships in the Red Sea and Arabian Sea. 

“Today, we targeted an American destroyer with several ballistic missiles in the Red Sea,” announced Yemeni Armed Forces spokesperson Brigadier General Yahya Saree. “We conducted three operations in the Red and Arabian Seas, attacking an American destroyer and two ships that violated the decision to prohibit entry into the ports of occupied Palestine.”

The first operation targeted the American destroyer in the Red Sea with multiple ballistic missiles. The second operation struck the ship CAPTAIN Paris in the Red Sea using appropriate naval missiles. The third operation involved the drone unit of the Yemeni Air Force, which attacked the ship Happy Condor in the Arabian Sea with several drones.

Saree emphasized the success of these operations, stating, “The three military operations in the Red and Arabian Seas achieved their objectives successfully.”

He further reiterated the ongoing commitment of the Yemeni Armed Forces to support the Palestinian people and respond to what he described as American and British aggression. “Our forces continue to champion the Palestinian people and respond to American and British aggression until the aggression stops and the blockade on Gaza is lifted,” Saree asserted.

Yemen’s support front

The Yemeni Armed Forces (YAF) targeted three ships in the Red and Arabian Seas as part of the operations in support of Gaza, and in retaliation to the US-UK aggression on Yemen, Saree stated on Thursday, as the ongoing Israeli genocide in the Strip has now surpassed 250 consecutive days.

The first operation was carried out by the YAF’s missile force against the Verbena cargo ship in the Arabian Sea, Saree said, confirming that it was hit, leading to a fire erupting on board.

US Central Command CENTCOM released a statement saying that Verbena was struck by two missiles, which caused a fire on the ship.

In the second and third operations, the SeaGuardian and Athina vessels came under attack in the Red Sea by Yemeni ballistic missiles and drones, and were directly hit, the spokesperson added.

Saree emphasized that the operations came after the ships’ owning companies violated the YAF’s ban on entry into the ports of occupied Palestine.

TUTOR targeted on Wednesday

This comes just one day after the Yemeni armed forces announced their first successful strike on a vessel using sea drones.

Shortly before the announcement, maritime security firms and shipping sources said that a Greek-owned cargo ship was struck by a small craft off Yemen’s Red Sea port of Hodeidah and was not under the command of the crew after sustaining damage in its engine room.

In a statement, Saree said that the YAF targeted the TUTOR vessel in the Red Sea using several ballistic missiles, in addition to sea and air drones, leading to severe damage to the ship, putting it at risk of sinking.

On Wednesday, the United States and Britain launched a joint aggression on Yemen, targeting a governmental facility in the al-Gabin district and a Radio Station in the Ramyah governorate. 

It resulted in the injury of five civilians, including one who was critically injured, our correspondent in Sanaa reported. 

Heavy material damages were also recorded in the targeted buildings. 

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