Young man suicide in Turkey after Egyptian Brotherhood abandoned him

In an incident that embodied the tragedy of the youth and members of the Brotherhood residing in Turkey and their exposure to homelessness and hunger due to the difficult conditions they face and the abandonment of their leaders, and coinciding with the exacerbation of the group’s splits and the announcement of the appointment of two new leaders as the guide to succeed Ibrahim Mounir, the Shirin Evler region of the Turkish city of Istanbul witnessed the suicide of a young man from the elements group, where he threw himself from the seventh floor of the property in which he was staying with his colleagues, to fall dead.

Financial hardship

Sources revealed to our reporters that the young Brotherhood man who committed suicide was called Abd al-Rahman Haitham Zahran, and he was studying computer science in Turkey, where he came 5 years ago to study, in response to the promises and demands of his fellow youth of the group for him to come there to work and study in the hope of improving his conditions.

It turned out that the young man was suffering from difficult financial hardship and being away from his family for a long time, in addition to the interruption of his contact with his father due to the circumstances of the latter’s arrest in Egypt because he was one of those convicted of cases related to the Brotherhood, in addition to the group’s leaders not caring about his conditions and the conditions of his colleagues and the interruption of their financial assistance to them.

The deterioration of the conditions of the Brotherhood’s youth

The Brotherhood’s youth who reside in Turkey have repeatedly announced over the past years about the deterioration of their living conditions there, and the group’s abandonment of their financial support, which led to their poor conditions, and their exposure to homelessness and hunger.

Amidst the complete absence of the group’s leaders, a limited number of the young man’s colleagues shared his body, while one of his friends demanded, through the means of communication, to know the debts owed by him, in preparation for the speedy collection and payment of donations.

And in the year 2019, an Egyptian young man named Omar Magdy revealed, through a post on his Facebook page, that 3 of the Brotherhood’s youth had committed suicide, adding that a fourth young man had tried to commit suicide a few days ago, but he was transferred to the hospital and rescued.

In his post, the young man wondered why the group had spent $50,000 on a camp to commemorate the dispersal of the Rabaa al-Adaweya sit-in, while refusing to spend on its fleeing members who fled Egypt after being convicted of violence, due to their participation in demonstrations, violence and vandalism on behalf of the group.

Insults and inhuman life

In another post, the young man revealed that the number of Egyptians residing in Istanbul is 20,000, and most of them suffer from poor material and living conditions, which exposes them to psychological harm and their acceptance of insults, contempt, and an inhumane life in return for staying in Turkey and not handing them over to Egypt.

In July of the year 2019, scandals and financial embezzlement of Brotherhood leaders residing in Turkey were revealed, as the youth of the group broadcast an audio recording attributed to the leader of the group and the fugitive to Turkey, Amir Bassam, in which he revealed the leaders’ seizure of the group’s funds and donation funds, and that they had purchased real estate and luxury apartments in their names and the names of their children, whether in Turkey or elsewhere.

Community corruption and irregularities

The group’s youth threatened to publish other recordings revealing the corruption and violations of the group’s leaders, especially after the wide reactions that followed, following the publication of Amir Bassam’s recording.

The group’s youth confirmed that their leaders live a luxurious life in Turkey and receive thousands of dollars for supervising the organization’s projects, leaving the group’s members to live in inhumane, tragic conditions, and receive low salaries that do not satisfy their needs.

They revealed that the leaders of the group live in the most luxurious and prestigious areas of Istanbul, which are Ağaoğlu, Kayaşehir, and Başakşehir, and they live in luxury villas and apartments within closed residential complexes in these areas, with permanent guards, and visitors are subjected to thorough inspection, and it is even forbidden for anyone to visit them without permission. or prior arrangement.

The group’s youth in Turkey also suffer from other problems related to the expiration of the Egyptian identity papers that they had been carrying since their escape from Egypt years ago, and their stay in Turkey until now without identity papers, which led to the disruption of the registration and proof of lineage of their children, marriage vouchers and other legal transactions.

The youth of the group also suffer from this because they do not get suitable jobs and resort to begging and working in humble professions to spend on themselves and their families away from the Brotherhood leaders who abandoned them and left them prey to difficult circumstances.


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