A military rebellion in Sudan … Hamidati accuses the former Director of Intelligence of carrying out a sabotage plan

The Sudanese Minister of Information, Faisal Muhammad Salih, called on the citizens to move away from the firing areas to enable the regular authorities to control the situation.

At a press conference, the minister stressed the ability of the armed and other regular forces to resolve the rebellion.

He added that the regulatory authorities are continuing their efforts to receive weapons from the rebel units, denying that there were injuries due to the shooting that took place today in Khartoum.

He stressed that “the responsible authorities continue their efforts to persuade the rebel individuals to surrender their weapons.”

The vice president of the Sudanese sovereign council, Lt. Gen. Muhammad Hamdan Daglo Hamidati, accused Salah Gosh, the former director of intelligence, of being behind the current events in the country, and that he was carrying out a sabotage scheme.

According to the Sudanese newspaper, “The Next Day”, the Rapid Support Forces managed to control an armed sabotage group of the security forces rebel against the transitional government.

During the past hours, Sudan witnessed a rebellion by soldiers affiliated with the Operations Authority of the General Intelligence Agency in the capital, Khartoum, in protest against the failure of a number of them to receive full end-of-service rights.

The Sudanese Prime Minister, Abdullah Hamdouk, confirmed his confidence in the ability of the Sudanese armed forces to control the security situation in Khartoum, assuring the citizens that “the events will not stop our march, nor will they cause us to retreat from the goals of the revolution.”

The spokesperson for the General Intelligence Agency stated that “within the framework of the structure of the agency and the resultant merger and demobilization according to the options presented to employees of the Operations Authority, a group of them objected to its financial reward and after-service benefits, and evaluation and treatment is carried out according to the requirements of the country’s national security.”

An army source stated to Anadolu Agency that the operations staff had been given an earlier choice between joining the army intelligence agency, quick support, or a referral to retirement.

برق السودان🇸🇩@SDN_BARQ

عاجل | إغلاق بعض الطرق المؤدية إلى مقر هيئة العمليات التابعة لجهاز المخابرات العامة بعد إطلاق نار بمحيطه.

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He added that the vast majority of these forces preferred referring to retirement and obtaining end-of-service rights.

He continued that very few of the commission’s soldiers had received their rights, but those present in the camps in “Riyadh”, “Kafouri” and “Soba” (headquarters of the Operations Authority in Khartoum) had fired heavily in the air, and said that they would not receive their rights because they were few, And they demanded the full amount. According to the same source, no injuries were reported as a result of the shooting.

The news agency “Associated Press,” workers at Khartoum airport, today, Tuesday, that the airport was closed temporarily in light of the turmoil.

The Sudanese armed forces spokesperson, Brigadier General Amer Muhammad Al-Hassan, stressed the armed forces’ rejection of the disgraceful behavior of the forces of the General Intelligence Service today, after protesting against their weak financial entitlements.

Amer described what was “a chaos that requires immediate settlement,” revealing in a special statement to the Sudanese “Al-Nawras” website about the security committee in Khartoum State’s move to resolve the chaos.

“All options are open to controlling these uncertainties,” Al-Hassan said.

The Sudanese newspaper, Al-Intibahah, stated, “The spread of armored vehicles in the airport road” and “Rapid support forces went to the site of the events.”

The Sudanese “Kush News” website stated that “the Sudanese army has raised the state of preparedness to the extreme, amid reports that the Sudanese airspace has been closed.”

The Sudanese Professionals Caucus issued an “urgent appeal” to state agencies for immediate intervention.

Sudanese Minister of Information, Faisal Muhammad Salih, said that the army is working to secure the streets in Khartoum, after a limited revolt within the intelligence services.

Saleh added in a press conference that “there are efforts to persuade the rebel units to surrender and surrender their weapons.”

برق السودان🇸🇩@SDN_BARQ

عاجل | إغلاق بعض الطرق المؤدية إلى مقر هيئة العمليات التابعة لجهاز المخابرات العامة بعد إطلاق نار بمحيطه.

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As for Salah Qosh, the former Director of Sudanese Intelligence who Hamidati accused of being behind these events, a rumor has circulated during the past days about his being subjected to a failed assassination attempt after he was shot inside his residence in the Egyptian capital Cairo, which was denied by a source close to him, stressing that he is not in Cairo originally, but in a country he refused to disclose.

The prosecution of the Forbidden and Prosperity of the Rich in Sudan issued an arrest warrant for Gosh, and considered him “a fugitive accused.”

The Supreme Public Prosecutor, Salwa Khalil Ahmed, stressed that “the fugitive accused, Salah Qosh and three other defendants,” is necessary to surrender themselves within a period of no more than a week from the publication of the advertisement in the newspapers, otherwise other legal measures will be taken, asking citizens to help arrest the fugitive accused.

The Sudanese Attorney General, Mawlana Taj Al-Sir Al-Ink, had revealed the filing of 4 communications in the face of the former Director General of the Security and Intelligence Service Salah Gosh, who is outside the country, confirming that the authorities started to retrieve it through INTERPOL.

The Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs had notified its missions abroad and international organizations not to deal with the diplomatic passport of Gosh.

The newspaper “Al-Sayha” quoted a source in the Foreign Ministry as saying that revoking the passport of Gosh had put an end to the rumors on his return to the political scene.

The head of the Sovereign Council of Sudan, Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, stated that Gosh left Sudan without the consent of the Council, and that the Council does not know in which country he resides.

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