After revealing its incitement against Egypt, the new Brotherhood TV channel attacks Al Arabiya

A few hours after revealed the details of the Brotherhood’s launch of two new satellite channels broadcasting from the British capital London, their sources of funding and their role in incitement against Egypt, and the mobilization for demonstrations against the regime on November 11, the new Brotherhood channel “Al-Sho`ob” attacked the Al-Arabiya channel.

The Brotherhood’s journalist Moataz Matar, who runs the satellite channel, attacked Al-Arabiya on his program yesterday evening, Monday, after it exposed and exposed the new media plans of the Brotherhood, and the organization launched two new satellite channels to call and mobilize for demonstrations and revolutionary movement in Egypt. He also launched accusations against Al-Arabiya, including hostility. To the group, incitement and hostility against it.

The fugitive from Egypt and expelled from Turkey admitted that the new satellite channel was launched within a scheme to incite peoples and incite them against their governments and overthrow Arab regimes, opposing what and Al-Arabiya publications published about this scheme, claiming that it is not a Brotherhood scheme, and that it is popular demands. and mass.

The Brotherhood, specifically the Istanbul Front led by Mahmoud Hussein, had launched a new satellite channel broadcasting from the British capital, London, to attack Egypt and call for the overthrow of the state.

The group called the satellite channel “The People”, and it is mainly run by fugitive journalist Moataz Matar, who had previously left Turkey after the Turkish authorities forced him to leave the country, and suspended his program on Al-Sharq TV.

The satellite channel is funded by Brotherhood businessman Medhat Al-Haddad, who resides in Turkey, and is considered one of the most prominent leaders of the group and the financial arm of the organization.

The group decided that the fugitive media would take over the task of attracting the rest of the broadcasters and media professionals who will leave Istanbul after their programs and media activities stopped, according to the decision of the Turkish authorities, while a large number of producers, correspondents and technicians of the group will be hired at the satellite headquarters in London and offices scheduled to open in a number of Countries.

It is noteworthy that the group, specifically the third front, the Change Movement, has also decided to launch a second satellite channel directed against Egypt, called “The 11-11 Movement”, and announced that it will be devoted to broadcasting and transmitting demonstrations calling for its platforms and committees in Egypt to demonstrate and change the regime, according to its claim.


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