Egyptian security strikes the empire of the Brotherhood economy

The assets of the detained member of the banned Muslim Brotherhood Mahmoud Ezzat, the acting leader of the outlawed group, in Egypt has been estimated at about LE 300 billion (US $ 19,1 billion).

Those businessmen include Executive Chairman of Juhayna Food Industries Safwan Thabet, owner of the “Al-Tawhid and Al-Nour” shop Sayed Rajab Al-Sweirki, and owner of the Nile Cotton Ginning Co. Samir Tahseen Abdel-Halim Afifi, besides former Minister of Manpower Khaled al-Azhari and former Minister of Transportation Hatem Abdel-Latif, the network continued.

The network obtained information about these assets, saying that a group of investors was financing the Muslim Brotherhood’s assets while others, who do not belong to the banned group, were running the group’s investments in exchange for sharing profits.

The network revealed that the Muslim Brotherhood acquires a stake at My Way company for cosmetics, adding more names in other fields like education.

On December 12, the Egyptian authorities arrested Abdel-Latif ed upon an arrest warrant, and is currently being questioned by the investigation authorities.

On 29 August 2020: Mahmoud Ezzat got arrested during a security raid on an apartment in Cairo after having been on the run for seven years. Despite misleading information regarding his whereabouts, security services were able to locate Ezzat, 76, who is also the head of the Brotherhood’s International Organization.

An Egyptian military court postponed the retrial of the acting leader of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood for the charges of a case publically known as the “Guidance Bureau Events” to January 4, 2012. Ezzat was sentenced to life imprisonment in absentia in 2015 for the charges of inciting violence that led to clashes that took place outside the Muslim Brotherhood’s headquarters in Mokkatam district in Cairo.

On November 1, 2020, a Cairo Court of Appeal has set December 19, 2020, for the first retrial against Ezzat for the charges of spying for Hamas. Ezzat, along with Muslim Brotherhood leader Khairat Al-Shater and 13 others, was sentenced to death on July 16, 2015, for charges of spying for Hamas.

Also, on December 3, the security services arrested Al-Sweirki, for an accusation of “financing a terrorist group.” In January 2015, the Agouza Misdemeanor Court in Giza acquitted the owner of the shop of “Tawheed and Al-Nour” of the charge of “insulting the Egyptian flag”, as shoes with the flag were sold in his chain of stores. In 2002, the court sentenced Swirky to 7 years in prison on charges of combining 5 wives simultaneously and forging divorce slips, and marrying with the help of legal marriage officers, and then the sentence was reduced to 3 years after the appeal in 2003.



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