Ennahda members demand Ghannouchi to step down from her presidency: Tunisia

Members of the Tunisian Renaissance Movement demanded their president, Rashid Ghannouchi, who also leads the Tunisian parliament, to step down from her presidency before the end of this year, in an indication of an escalation of anger and bottlenecks caused by the aspirations of Renaissance President Rashid Ghannouchi, who has long lived under her leadership.

The signatories called for a statement issued by a front called “unity and renewal” to the necessity of holding the conference in its legal deadlines, not later than the end of 2020, and to ensure that the leading circulation in the Renaissance movement is permitted to allow the renewal of its elites, according to the requirements of its articles of association, democratic norms and the authority of institutions within the framework of A deep renewal of the movement in response to the requirements of reality and the needs of the country.

This comes at a time when the movement’s leader, Rashid Ghannouchi, is pushing for the postponement of the conference, which will consider its succession at the head of the party, on the grounds that circumstantialism does not allow a leadership transition in this sensitive circumstance that the country is going through, and the circulation of news that there is an intention that Ghannouchi has to stay at the head of the Renaissance Party For another term, despite opposition to the party’s internal laws, which end his term in May.

Ghannouchi faces great criticism from within his party, accusations of monopolizing the party and its finances, and uniqueness of opinion from opposition leaders within the party, who are now forming a majority in the movement, calling on him to step down and send new blood inside the party.

According to the internal law of al-Nahda, Ghannouchi has fulfilled all the possibilities to run again to head his party, as it stipulates that the head of the party shall not run for more than two consecutive terms.

On the rhythm of the battle of the succession of Ghannouchi, Ennahdha witnessed many resignations in the past months, such as the resignation of its historical leader Abdul Hamid Al-Jalasi and its Secretary-General Ziad Al-Adhari, and before him Al-Shuaibi, Zubair Al-Shahoudi and Hammadi Al-Jabali, as well as the resignation of youth leaders, such as Ziad Bumakhleh and Hisham Al-Areed, which reflected the state of division and dispersion that The movement experienced this period.

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