Ennahda rejects Fakhfakh’s government contract

Ennahda movement decided not to sign the governmental contracting document, after a meeting between the head of the Ennahda movement, Rached Ghannouchi, and Elyes Fakhfakh, who is charged with forming the government, on Monday morning.

Tunivisions was informed that Elyes Fakhfakh advocated a government of parties supporting the president parties and refused to involve Qalb Tounis (Heart of Tunisia) party in it.

However, Rashid Ghannouchi insisted on a national government that does not exclude any party and respects the parties’ sizes within the Parliament. The meeting was closed without reaching an agreement or solution between the two parties. 

Through a media statement, the Ennahda movement renewed its adherence to the choice of a national unity government, stating that it is now supported by a confirmed parliamentary majority.

Regarding the guesthouse meeting scheduled for Monday, 3 PM, Ennahda announced that it had decided not to sign the presented contracting document.

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