France threatens Turkey with sanctions

The French Minister of State for European Affairs, Clement Beaune, revealed that the European Union may impose economic sanctions targeting some sectors in Turkey because of its “hostile” positions on European borders.

He said that “all options are on the table,” including individual sanctions, referring to those that have been taken against some Turkish officials due to the disputed gas exploration in the Mediterranean, and he made clear, however, that he does not believe that abolishing the customs union between Brussels and Ankara is the best option.

In an interview with Europe 1 and Les Echoes radio on Sunday, Beaune said that “the imposition of sanctions on some economic sectors is possible”, expressing his regret over the “hostile Islamism” by Turkey at the gates of Europe.

Bonn continued, “We were given an opportunity at the recent European summit for Turkey, which sent small signs of appeasement … And now it has chosen once again the path of provocation and systematic aggression … We will certainly go further.”

He stressed that “France is not alone in front of Turkey,” adding: “Today there are no illusions in any European country about what Mr. Erdogan and his regime are.”

The European Union has repeatedly threatened to impose sanctions on Turkey because of its “unacceptable provocations” in the eastern Mediterranean, due to the exploration operations it carried out in waters that Brussels considers belonging to Greece and Cyprus.

This comes at a time when relations between Turkey and France are experiencing severe tension due to several issues, including disputes over the eastern Mediterranean, the conflict in Karabakh and the issue of offensive cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad.


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