IOF Abduct Remains of Martyrs in the Indonesian Hospital

The Palestinian Red Crescent reports that Israeli soldiers are obstructing the safe passage of the evacuated convoy of wounded people from the Indonesian Hospital, holding them up at a checkpoint.

The Israeli occupation has continued its campaign of aggression against Gaza, indiscriminately targeting civilians and medical personnel in what has been described as the most brutal night since the start of the aggression 48 days ago, leaving dozens of casualties. 

The occupation forces have concentrated fire at hospitals in the northern Gaza Strip; with Israeli snipers reported to be fortified atop towers near the Indonesian hospital, shooting at anyone that moves in the area. 

Al Mayadeen’s correspondent in Gaza reported that the remains of the martyrs have been spread out on the second floor of the hospital and that the IOF has taken some of the martyrs’ remains, effectively keeping them hostage. 

200 wounded patients, along with the medical staff are still besieged in the Indonesian hospital by the IOF. 

During an earlier evacuation process, the IOF detained the General Manager of the Indonesian Hospital and a surgeon from the medical staff.

The Palestinian Red Crescent announced that the evacuation convoy of the wounded from Al-Shifa Hospital is held at an Israeli checkpoint separating northern and southern Gaza. Israeli soldiers have hindered their safe passage while they conduct thorough inspections of ambulance vehicles, endangering the lives of the wounded and patients in these deliberate delays.

Our correspondent in the north also reported that the occupation targeted the largest civil defense headquarters in the region, resulting in the martyrdom of five service members.

Hysterical bombardment

Israeli airstrikes continue across the Gaza Strip, with occupation planes targeting residential buildings and agricultural areas with intense bombardment.

Our correspondent stated that Israeli airstrikes have hysterically targeted all provinces and neighborhoods of the Gaza Strip in the past hours, leading to the martyrdom of dozens of civilians.

He also explained that Israeli shelling targeted areas that had been spared before, especially in the central areas.

Additionally, several injuries were reported at Kuwait Hospital after Israeli planes targeted a house in the Barahmeh neighborhood west of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip.

Earlier this week, our correspondent reported that a number of doctors at the Indonesian Hospital were injured as a result of the Israeli occupation targeting the hospital in the northern Gaza Strip. 

Our correspondent quoted medical sources, noting a preliminary toll of 12 martyrs as a result of the Israeli bombing of the hospital, adding that the occupation tanks bombed the operation room.

It was underscored that despite the fact that the Indonesian Hospital remained the only hospital welcoming the injured from Gaza City, Israeli tanks surrounded it and bombed its exterior courtyard.

Among those who were martyred were a number of civilians who had previously been injured and were receiving treatment at the hospitals.

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