IOF Blatantly Admit Responsibility for Church Strike in Gaza

The Church of St. Porphyrius is considered the third oldest church in the world and its original building dates back to 425 AD.

Israeli occupation forces confessed that a strike on the grounds of the St. Porphyrius Greek Orthodox Church in Gaza City on Thursday night was caused by its own aircraft.

“The incident is under review,” the IOF claimed.

This comes shortly after the Ministry of Interior in Gaza announced that the Israeli occupation committed a new massacre, killing and wounding hundreds of displaced people inside the Greek Orthodox Church of St.Porphyrius in Gaza City. 

According to the Ministry, the occupation made a direct target at the ancient church building on Omar al-Mukhtar Street in the Gaza Strip.

The Ministry pointed out that the church housed dozens of displaced people, who were taking shelter inside the church, most of whom were women and children.

Our reporter said that dozens had been killed and several injured.

This massacre came two days after the Israeli occupation committed a heinous crime by targeting the Baptist Hospital in central Gaza, killing over 800 martyrs in a clear targeting of cadres, crews, and medical capabilities within the Strip.

The Ministry stated that severe material damage was caused to parts of the church building and that a building adjacent to the church was destroyed. It is worth noting that the Church of St. Porphyrius is considered the third oldest church in the world. The original building dates back to 425 AD and it was renovated in 1856.  

Here is just a short list of wars that could amount to war crimes committed by “Israel” since October 7, which the world remains silent about:

1- Murdering 9 journalists covering the events in Gaza
2- Bombing a team of journalists in South Lebanon
3- Bombing al-Ahli Hospital, killing hundreds
4- Using internationally banned weapons, including White Phosphorus in Gaza and South Lebanon
5- Cutting off water supply to 2.2 million civilians.
6- Targeting numerous ambulances.
7- Bombing dozens of mosques and a church

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