Kais Saied: soon a “road map” for the next stage in Tunisia

Tunisian President Kais Saied promised, during a telephone conversation with his French counterpart, that he will soon present a road map for the next period in Tunisia, underlining that he will continue to give importance to popular demands. a file believed to have been signed by the “Brotherhood Ennadha” movement with an American public relations firm to reach major players in the United States.

Yesterday, French President Emmanuel Macron affirmed France’s support for Tunisia and the Tunisian people, describing the situation in Tunisia as a “decisive moment”

The French presidential palace “Elysée” said in a statement that Macron expressed, in a telephone conversation with Tunisian President Kais Saied, the hope that Tunisia can respond quickly to the economic, social and health challenges it is facing, in reference to the situation that followed the president’s decisions to dissolve the Tunisian government and suspend parliament.

Macron stressed that “Tunisia can count on France’s support to tackle all these challenges”.

According to the statement, the Tunisian president has pledged to respond to urgent questions and to present a road map for the next stage as soon as possible and in full respect of popular legitimacy.

In another context, Tunisian authorities have begun to check a file believed to have been signed by the “Brotherhood Ennahda” movement with an American public relations firm, days after the Tunisian president announced his assumption of power in the country, according to a court official.

A contract document between the Pearson Cohen & Wolfe International Communications Agency and a London-based institution called “Al-Nahda Party Diaspora Group” has been posted on the US Department of Justice website.

The contract document was issued by the PR firm as part of orders requiring it to disclose its business overseas and required to pay $ 30,000 for two months of consulting services.

The purpose of this contract, dated July 29, 4 days after Saied’s decision to freeze Parliament for 30 days, is “to help access key players in the United States, support the media and provide strategic communications advice.”

The official spokesperson for the Tribunal of First Instance, Mohsen Al-Dali, in Tunis, said yesterday that “a security unit has begun to search for the source and identity of the document”.

Last month, President Kais Saied announced a series of exceptional measures, represented by the dismissal of Prime Minister Hisham Al-Mashishi, the freezing of the works and powers of Parliament for a period of 30 days and the lifting of parliamentary immunity of all members of the Assembly of People’s Representatives, as well as its assumption of executive power with the help of a government that appoints its president.

Algeria denies interfering in Tunisian internal affairs

The Algerian media quoted the source, whose identity was not revealed, confirming that “Algeria respects the principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of countries”, adding that the Foreign Ministry “categorically denies all interpretations reported by the media foreigners”.

A source from the Algerian Foreign Ministry denied the news reported by the foreign media, which spoke of Algeria’s rejection of the recent decisions of Tunisian President Kais Saied.

The source specified that “the news circulated does not represent, either from near or from afar, the position of Algeria”, noting that “the news reported by the foreign media represents a scandalous maneuver by some media that are trying to interrupt Algerian relations with neighboring countries and Arab countries “.


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