Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo denies “RUMORS” of his death

Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo said in a video on his official Twitter account: “The putschists are working on a method of spreading destructive rumors aimed at destroying Sudan.”

He added, “They’re promoting my death, and it’s all a lie, and it looks like they’re suffering from the losses that are happening to them.”

The commander of the Rapid Support Forces confirmed that he was in good health, underlining the success of the military plans of his forces.

Daglo denounced what he described as the army’s destruction of vital sites, infrastructure and factories, calling on the Sudanese not to listen to rumours.

On Sunday, the commander of the Sudanese army, Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, took the decision to freeze the accounts of the Rapid Support Forces and its companies in all banks in Sudan and their branches abroad.

Al-Burhan also issued a decision dismissing Hussein Yahya Janqul as Governor of the Central Bank of Sudan and appointing Burai Al-Siddiq Ali Ahmed in his place.

The decision stipulated to prevent the disbursement of any right or budget allocated for rapid support.

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