Tunisia: 100 Brotherhood leader in Al-Nnahda movement asks Ghannouchi not to run for presidency of the party

Almost 100 leading Brotherhood members of the Ennahdha movement, including members of the National Executive Board, the Shura Council and the Parliamentary Bloc, as well as some leaders of the regions and localities, sent a signed letter to the party president, Rached Ghannouchi, asking him to announce that he will not run for the leadership of the movement at the next Congress.

The signatories of the petition estimated, citing informed sources, that this announcement will confirm compliance with the requirements of Chapter 31 of the internal regulations, in addition to confirming the principle of alternation in the leadership of the party, and provide the conditions of success of the Eleventh Congress, whose content and material preparation committees have started to work in preparation for this meeting which should take place before the end of the current year.

Arab Observer

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