Tunisian newspaper reveals the huge fortune of Rached Ghannouchi

The Tunisian newspaper “Al-Anwar” published an investigation revealing the size of the wealth of the Speaker of Parliament and the leader of the Ennahda Movement, Rached Ghannouchi.

The newspaper said that this huge wealth is managed by a limited number of relatives of Rashid Ghannouchi, including his two sons Moaz and Suhail, and his son-in-law, former Foreign Minister Rafik Abdel Salam.

In an investigation published on Friday under the title “Al-Anwar Opens Ghannouchi’s Wealth File,” the newspaper stated that the Tunisian politician’s wealth amounted to about one billion dollars in the form of bank deposits mainly located in Switzerland, and stakes in companies located outside Tunisia, including 3 companies in France.

The report indicated that mediation in the smuggling of weapons to Libya is also a tributary of Ghannouchi’s wealth, which facilitated the passage of more than 20 arms shipments to Libya in exchange for commissions amounting to $ 30 million.

The newspaper revealed that the leader of the Ennahda Movement created a large part of his wealth thanks to the passport trade supervised by the former Secretary of State for Immigration, Hussein Al-Jaziri, and annually achieved a number of transactions estimated at $ 220 million, in addition to smuggling supervised by the leader of the movement and the current deputy in Parliament Al Farajani.

She pointed out that Ghannouchi obtained through the smuggling of jihadists fantastic returns, explaining that he monopolizes two basic functions, namely money and international relations.

The Tunisian newspaper stated that the data it published was based on data recently leaked by Qatar to the Egyptian government.


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