Tunisian party leader says Ennahda party linked to terrorism, calls for investigation

Tunisian party leader has accused the ruling Ennahda party of having links with terrorism and called for an investigation into the party, which is affiliated to the Muslim Brotherhood.

The head of Tunisia’s Free Constitutional Party (Free Destourian Party) bloc Abeer Moussi, also referred to as Abeer Moussa by some media outlets, said on Monday that Ennahda has been lying to the Tunisian people since it came to power in 2011.

She called on the Ministry of Justice to investigate the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated Ennahda for its links to terrorism.

On Monday, Moussi submitted a petititon to Tunisia’s Parliament calling for the government to officially designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization and consider any Tunisian affiliated with it a terrorist criminal as per the counter-terrorism law.

Arab Observer



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