Turkey Announces to Transfer Control of its Areas of Presence in Syria to Damascus

Ankara announced its intention to transfer control of the areas of presence of the Turkish regime forces in Syria to Damascus “if political stability is achieved,” and indicated the possibility of “joint work” in the future with Damascus to combat terrorism

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu said, in a speech during the year-end evaluation meeting, that Turkey “repeatedly affirms its intention to transfer control in its current areas of presence to Syria if political stability is achieved and things return to normal in the country

Davutoglu pointed to “the possibility of joint action in the future, in the event that common ground is formed between the two countries with regard to combating terrorism

Davutoglu stressed that Turkey respects “the unity and sovereignty of the Syrian territories

Regarding Damascus’ demands for the “exit of Turkish forces” from Syria, Davutoglu said that the purpose of his country’s presence there “is to combat terrorism, especially since the Syrian government cannot secure stability

In this context, the Turkish minister referred to the Kurdish “People’s Protection Units” in northern Syria, which form the backbone of the “Syrian Democratic Forces” (Ankara classifies them as terrorists) as a “threat” threatening his country, adding that its threat to Syria is greater, as it has a “separatist agenda

Davutoğlu stressed that “his country will firmly continue to combat terrorism,” noting that the differences between Ankara and Damascus prevented the establishment of cooperation between them in this field

The Turkish minister considered it also important to involve the international system and the United Nations in the issue of the return of Syrian refugees

The Turkish “Anatolia” agency quoted the Turkish minister as saying, “The Syrian government wants the Syrians to return to their country, and this is what we see in his statements. It is important that this be done positively while ensuring their safety

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