United Nation Team experts: Militias committed horrific crimes in Libya

The report confirmed that it obtained testimonies from the “victims” of the armed group called “Deterrence Force”, which is affiliated with the Minister of Interior in the former “Sarraj” government, Fathi Bashagha.

According to the testimonies, these militias committed acts of “abuse, torture and sexual humiliation,” and one of the main accused was Khaled Al-Hishari, known as “Al-Buti.”

The report revealed many transgressions occurring in the western region, in the absence of the rule of law, citing an example of the failure to implement an arrest warrant against the militia, Muhammad Bahron, who leads an armed group in Zawiya, where he is still moving comfortably.

ISIS and Al Qaeda

He also warned of the continuation of “ISIS” activity in the country at a “medium risk” level, as for Al-Qaeda organization “in a dormant state in Libya, and its cells are in the city of Sabratha (in the west of the country).”

Experts also monitored the activity of Chadian armed groups loyal to the opposition there, which are stationed in the region on both sides of the border between the two countries.

And the “Sky News Arabia” website previously published a report on the activities of these groups, which coincided with the internal instability in Chad, as observers warned of the danger of the explosion of the scene there on the Libyan interior.

4 thousand Syrian fighters

The international report said that there are 4 thousand Syrian fighters, working under the leadership of Fayez al-Sarraj’s government, 250 of whom are minors, and are stationed in several locations to the west.

These estimates are much lower than others indicating that the number is more than that, and the former envoy of the Acting Secretary-General of the United Nations to Libya, Stephanie Williams, had previously estimated the number of mercenaries in Libya at about 20 thousand armed men.

As for foreign interventions, the Group of Experts confirmed the continued use of Mitiga International Airport in Tripoli as a platform for launching Turkish drones.

The fact of “bribes” forum

The report also cleared the members of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum, who chose the President of the Presidential Council, Muhammad Al-Manfi, and the Prime Minister of the National Unity Government, Abdel-Hamid Dabaiba.

Al-Dabaiba’s media office responded, describing the reports as “attempts to disrupt the formation of the government and spoil the national consensus.” It also defended the integrity of the process in which the new authority was chosen represented in the Presidential Council, as well as the presidency of the National Unity Government.

The report stated that 3 members of the forum “refused bribes” that were offered to them in order to vote for a specific candidate for the post of prime minister, whom he did not name, and the experts did not want to go further on this point, and chose to clarify all its details in a secret attachment bearing No. 13.
Last February, agencies quoted what they said were “excerpts from the report,” referring to “allegations” of offering bribes to members of the Forum, during meetings in Tunis last November.


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