Abeer Moussa: The time for the Brotherhood of Tunisia is over, and Ghannouchi must leave

Abeer Moussa, head of the Free Constitutional Party, asked the head of the Ennahda Brotherhood movement Rashid Ghannouchi to leave, and she said in a press statement, Wednesday: “There will be no vacancies in the presidency of the parliament, if confidence is withdrawn from Ghannouchi,” Ennahda movement must be convinced that “their time is over.”

Abeer Moussa added that her party is not interested in participating in the next government, but she said they will vote for her if she did not include anyone from the Brotherhood’s organization.

She also announced in statements to a local radio that 109 votes are available to withdraw confidence from Ghannouchi.

She added: “Tomorrow will be a day of joy for all Tunisians, and it will be a day for correcting the path of the constitutional institution and starting a new stage. Changing is a national duty after the failure of the current system.”

The independent deputy in the Tunisian parliament, Faisal Al-Tebini, said that the Brotherhood Ennahda Movement is the main enemy of the Tunisian people, and that Rashid Ghannouchi ruined the country, and his removal from the presidency of the parliament is the only solution.

Brotherhood Ennahda Problems will not end at the session of no-confidence in the parliament, expected on Thursday, but there are decisions by President Qais Saeed and the government that he will refer to a vote in parliament headed by Hisham Al-Mishishi.

If Ennahda votes on a government of technocrats proposed by Al-Mishishi, the movement will be out of the circle of power.

And if Ennahda came out empty-handed from the government, this matter also means the loss of the gains that the movement sought to achieve during the past years.

But if Al-Nahdha decided to object to Al-Mishishi government, because it claims not afraid of the early election scenario, it will not be in their interest either, according to the latest opinion polls and observers ’estimates.

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