Demonstration against the domination of “Muslim Brotherhood” in the Tunisian parliament

Photos and videos posted on social media showed protesters and security forces clashing after they prevented demonstrators from joining and participating in the march.

Abir Moussi, the head of the Free Constitutional Party, has accused the ruling Ennahda party of having links with terrorism and called for an investigation into the party. She has also called for the Muslim Brotherhood to be designated as a terrorist organization in Tunisia, a petition she submitted to the Tunisian Parliament last year.

Demonstrators gathered in front of the parliament headquarters in Bardo Square in the center of the capital, Tunis, raising slogans denouncing Ghannouchi’s control and his parliamentary. “Oh Ghannouchi, you thug, you fight souls,” “Down with the rule of the Leader,” were some of the slogans raised based on videos and photos posted online.

“This party [Ennahda] exists in the political arena and enters the elections based on the fallacy that it leads, and this fallacy means that this party presents itself as a civil party, as a Tunisian party, as a party that has no relations with the Muslim Brotherhood, and all the organizations associated with it,” Moussi told our reporters last year.

The Muslim Brotherhood is a banned movement across several countries in the region and has been designated as a terrorist organization by countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the United Arab Emirates.

Arab Observer

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