Israel Bombs Khan Younis, Gaza, Killing Dozens

The Israeli bombing of Gaza City killed dozens of Palestinian civilians in Gaza City and Khan Younis with numerous injuries recorded.

Palestinian civilians were martyred early on Sunday after the Israeli occupation launched air and artillery strikes on various areas in Khan Younis and other areas south and west of Gaza City.

Medical staff reported the martyrdom of many Palestinians and the injury of others in artillery shelling on the al-Amal neighborhood of Khan Younis.

The Israeli occupation also launched a series of airstrikes on the Tel al-Hawa neighborhood southwest and west of Gaza City, which killed and wounded numerous civilians, including women and children.

The Israeli occupation’s artillery also intensively bombarded northern Gaza.

The Ministry of Health in Gaza announced on Saturday that the Israeli occupation forces committed 18 massacres over 24 hours, killing 174 Palestinians and injuring 310 others. 

This raises the total Palestinian death toll to 26,257 martyrs and 64,797 injured on the 113th day of the genocide. 

The ministry also mentioned that “Israel” has been prohibiting ambulances and rescue teams from reaching the injured and transporting bodies to hospitals. 

‘Israel’s’ many methods of killing Palestinians 

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