What is the role of the terrorist Abdel-Hakim Belhadj in the transfer of Syrian mercenaries from Turkey to Libya?

The transfer of Syrian mercenaries from Turkey to Libya has been going on for several days, bringing the number to about 4,000 fighters, who joined the ranks of the armed militias of the Al-Wefaq forces, in a move that Ankara hopes to influence the conflict around the capital Tripoli between the Libyan army and the Al-Wefaq forces.

In this process, the name of the terrorist and leader of the Libyan Fighting Group affiliated with al-Qaeda Abdel Hakim Belhadj, who has been in Turkey for years, has emerged as one of Ankaras allies and collaborators in facilitating the movement of Syrian fighters from Syria to Turkey and then to Libya.

Observers believe that allowing Turkey to the heads of terrorism and suspicious leaders wanted by security required to live on its territory, despite the presence of some of them on the international lists of terrorism, headed by Abdel Hakim Belhadj, helped her to form a pro-pressure group loyal to her to serve in Libya and expand its influence there, given that the personalities Living on its soil, it runs the armed militias in Libya and controls political power in Tripoli.

Mutual interest relationship

In this context, Parliament Member Ali Al-Takbali told Al-Arabiya.net that the relationship between the Turkish regime, the Brotherhood, and the Libyan terrorist leaders is based on mutual benefit, as Turkey harbored them and allowed them to smuggle gold and money and store it in its banks, in exchange for helping it implement its expansion plan in Libya and the region, noting that Abdelhakim Belhadj is part of the Turkish project in Libya, which has been used since 2011 by the Turkish intelligence services, to recruit, train and transfer extremists from Libya to Syria passing through Turkey, and is being used now and used to bring them back to Libya.

For his part, a military source believes in a statement to Al-Arabiya.net that Abdel-Hakim Belhadj’s primary role in the file of the Syrian mercenaries sent to Libya lies in transporting them through the airline’s “Wings” company, which is the most difficult stage, adding that the information received indicates that all the possibilities The company has recently become a mockery of the Turkish authorities, whether to transport equipment and weapons or Syrian fighters, so that the Turkish military experts who came to Tripoli came on board the aircraft of this company, on trips surrounded by a lot of secrecy and protection, noting that the state-owned African Airlines Y Atr on board members from the city of Misrata, as well as engaged in the transfer of Syrian mercenaries from Turkey to Libya, but to a lesser extent of the wings, which is leading the company and oversees this process

Regarding the transfer of fighters from Syria, the same source believes that Belhadj plays a coordinating and directing role only with Mahdi Al-Harati, who plays the largest role in the recruitment process, as he has close ties with the Syrian factions that he fought with after 2011 in Syria, and established a subsidiary there under him under the name “The brigade of the nation,” especially since the two men are closely related and carry the same thought and direction.

During the past few days, the sites specialized in air traffic control reported that the Libyan Wings Aviation Company had unprecedented 8 flights to Turkey within 6 days, and Libyan reports said that they had transported a number of Syrian mercenaries from Turkey to Libya, while it revealed A video clip that was widely circulated at the end of the last week, and was photographed from inside one of the airlines of the African Airways Company at the moment of transporting hundreds of Syrian fighters to Libya.

Who is Abdul Hakim Belhadj?

Belhadj is considered one of the most dangerous and classified terrorist leaders to be arrested, after his involvement in several attacks on Libyan public facilities and crimes committed that have destabilized Libya has been proven, and he has been listed since 2017 on the terrorism list of the four countries that advocate against terrorism, as well as on the list of the Libyan Parliament.

Belhadj also faces direct accusations from the Libyan army, of stealing large quantities of gold and seizing huge amounts of money from Libyan banks after the fall of Muammar Gaddafi’s regime. The Libyan army confirmed that it “has evidence that it deposited billions of dollars in Turkish banks.”

Belhadj, who was imprisoned before the fall of Muammar Gaddafi’s regime on charges of trying to rearrange the fighting group for jihad against the Gaddafi regime, turned after the revolution to one of the largest wealthy people in Libya, and became the owner of several companies, the most important of which is the wings airline that faces charges of transporting terrorists to Libya, in addition to a channel The “news” that is described in Libya as the “sedition channel”, for its specialization in polishing the image of terrorist groups and extremist armed militias, in exchange for distorting the Libyan army’s operations to combat terrorism.

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